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My Favorite Keyboard

If youre serious about writting music, and youre looking for a keyboard, the best hands down is teh roland fantom series. I own a roland fatom s88. Ive had it for about 10 years, and it kicks just as much butt as it did the day I bought it. The newer models have some features that interest me. Color screen newer memory and of course additional samples. But considering I bought mine used for 1400 dollars 10 years ago I think I got a steal of a deal. 1 draw back of my particular keyboard is that if it has a lot of voices playing it cant process and the sound becomes murky. If you are a serious user you will almost undoubtedly run into this problem at some point because some of the default samples have so many voices to them. Many of the techno or Vox sounds have many layers, as soon as you add in a bead and a few tracks the keyboard bogs down. That alone has made me thing that I should get my hands on a newer g8 as you can see below, its a very beautiful model. I like the steal used in the scroll dial and you effects sliders have changed dramaticaly since the s88.


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SEO tips and tricks

Unless you are an expert in running a site, not a lot can really understand what these three letters really mean; SEO or search engine optimization. It is not something that you really need to understand actually but if you aspire to have your won site, it pays to know something about it. Our lives has gotten better and faster nowadays especially when it comes to information; just type in a keyword and in a split second, you’ve got tons and tons of them right in front of you. This is where SEO comes the scene.

An effective Utah SEO firm strategy will help you get the stardom for your site. Here are some simple yet effective Sep techniques you may try: of course having a very good content for the site is the best thing you should do, make an effort for the surfer to keep coming back to your site yes, keep it updated as well. Do an extra effort to come up with ideas that are not commonly found in other sites. The choice of your keywords is as important. Link your site to credible and reputable sites so for you to gain the public’s trust. When it comes to linking, since most people tend to click on graphics, you may try to put some images on your page. So there, hope these information had been helpful to you.

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Bridge Loans: Short Term, Urgent Financing

Bridge loans refer to short term loans that can be urgently obtained without the borrower having to produce much documentation. Business people and corporates, who want to finance their businesses before they get permanent/ long term financing, and property owners seeking to close on a property or avoid foreclosure find these loans extremely useful. People who want to get long term, low interest loans from a lender may also take advantage of the bridge loans offer made by that lender. The loans can also be referred to as caveat loan or swing loans.


Bridge loans can be obtained fast without the usual hassles and strict requirements of regular loans. In most cases, people who intend to finance large projects, at the initial stages, may not have much to go with as the result of the project may not be guaranteed. As a result, many traditional lenders shy from this risky lending, but individual lenders may take the risk and lend money at high interest rates.


Bridge loans are acquired quickly, and without much proof of the borrowers’ creditworthiness or a guaranteed result of their project. They are, also, expensive (due to high interest rates, application fees, and other fees) and lenders may insist on a lower LTV (loan-to-value) percentage and or collateral on a number of assets. Commercial properties attract a lower LTV percentage than residential. Interest rates range between 11 and 15 %.


Bridge loans from fundingdatabase.com are a source of short term loans taken by people awaiting long term financing. The loans, usually, carry very high interest rates (due to the speed at which they are processed, and risk the lender takes) and the lender may require the borrower to spread the loan security (collateral) across several assets. The loans can be open ended or closed. Open ended bridging loans do not have a specified duration or repayment while a closed ones bear a repayment date.

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3 Things To Consider When Obtaining Document Management Software

Processing and disseminating information is always of great significance in an organization because it helps facilitate effective production. With document management software, you can not only import files, but you can also gather and distribute the information from a central point. In essence, the software makes the processes faster, simpler and more organized. Nonetheless, you need to go for software that will add value to your business operations and this means you have to consider factors such as compatibility and tools integrated in the software, and the customer service provided by the vendor.


While there are numerous document management software available in the market, it’s important to obtain a product that can work with your existing hardware. The software may have the best features but if it’s incompatible with what you have, obtaining it is pointless. Besides, depending on your needs, you may also get software that you can use on tablets and Smart phones.


The software you get should enable you to make quick file conversions when need be, and you should be able to track file distributions as well. Moreover, security of the business information is also crucial, and you therefore have to get document management software that incorporates elaborate security features so you can keep any intruders away.

Customer service

Reliable software can be obtained from numerous vendors, but there are instances in which you may encounter difficulty while using what you have acquired. This may oblige you to reach the manufactures for a solution. Thus, you have to bear this in mind when purchasing the document management software –the manufacture should be easily reachable when help is needed. With regard to this, reviews can help you single out the reliable companies.

Regardless of the document management software you wish to settle on, it’s vital to make comparisons on features and pricing before settling on any because this is the only way you can be confident to get something suitable.

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Tips On How To Shop For Jewelry

paparazzi jewelryIt is funny to think how the world of fashion can change so quickly from one trend to another. Often, people shop for clothes depending on the season as new seasons also define new statements. On the other hand, no matter how swift the changes in fashion are, one fact remains and that is everything in fashion revolves. Yes, even the 70′s outfits keep coming back from time to time which is why it is important to take note what classics are worth keeping. Along with shoes, bags and outfits, fashion also talks about styles which include jewelry pieces. There are many types of accessories to choose from which sometimes confuses people especially when it comes to mixing and matching them with clothing.

Jewelry can be made of precious metals and precious stones or sometimes as simple as yarns, clay beads and plastic gems. What is important when looking for them are 3 things, which are your budget, style and durability. Trinkets made of gold, silver, platinum, tungsten and other precious metals can cost higher than fancy pieces. Genuine birthstones can be a little more expensive than regular glass beads too. If you are looking for something that you can purchase on a budget, you can buy electroplated accessories which you can use for a couple of times. They may not last forever but you can surely make most out of your budget. Just make sure though that you are getting your fancy pieces from stores that offer hypo-allergenic high quality jewelry especially if you have allergies.

Overall, you can always be fashionable even if you are shopping on a budget, check out paparazzi jewelry, that a great place to start. You just need to know the styles that you want and make sure that they are coordinated so people can notice them. For instance, if you are wearing a black dress, you can wear silver or gold accessories that will match it. You can wear earrings, necklace and bracelet or earrings, bracelet and anklet. It does not matter how you mix them as long as they are coordinated from top to bottom to highlight your overall ensemble.

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Benefits Of Brown Sugar Scrub For Skin Exfoliation

There are many products that are formulated to exfoliate the skin; one of the best is the brown sugar scrub. Brown sugar is an effective ingredient because it is much gentler on the skin, and it stimulates muscle relaxation. It also smells yummy. If you want to experience the goodness of brown sugar scrub, there is nothing like the Juniper Desert Thrive brand. You will not only make your skin healthy, it will also make your skin feel satiny as well.

Brown Sugar Scrub Benefits
Brown sugar contains the texture that is abrasive enough to get rid of old skin cells without causing skin irritation. The moisture in brown sugar ensures that the skin will not dry out during exfoliation. Use of Brown Sugar Scrub helps get rid of dry and flaky skin that builds up over the day. It also hydrates the skin effectively overnight that helps in keeping the skin totally healthy and ready for the next day. It contains natural extra-virgin olive oil that helps in keeping the skin smoother and glowing. This product not just exfoliates but it also cleanses and massages the skin, which offers the benefit of relaxing the muscles. Acne and pimple prevention is also possible with regular use of brown sugar scrubs. For skin that has been made uneven due to pimples, this product helps in gradually eliminating the skin disorder and results in a younger looking skin.
Brown sugar contains small granules, which makes this product an impressive scrub. It offers superb circulation, and it removes all the toxins from deep within the surface of the skin. Use of this product enhances collagen production, which helps in maintaining skin elasticity. Brown sugar granules also provides the additional advantage of keeping the pores from opening up too wide, which keeps them from becoming too unsightly.

For people who pay lots of attention to proper skin care, using the right kind of skin exfoliate is particularly important. We all want our skin to feel clean and healthy while radiating an inner glow. With all the benefits that you can get from brown sugar scrub, you can easily and confidently go through each day and you do not have to worry about all the harmful elements that nature can bring. You have the perfect weapon that can take away all the dirt, oil and the dead skin cells, which will help your skin glowing with health.

Learn about brown sugar scrub at www.juniperdesert.com

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Creating A Successful Fundraiser

A beef jerky fundraiser would help you to fund any sports program that you would like to offer to the children or adults that live within your community. If you are currently working for a public school, you know that finding extra money within the budget can be very difficult. As a result of unavailability of funds, schools are forced to do away with programs that would otherwise be very helpful to the students. Any student that is involved with a sports team is much more likely to perform better in school. Additionally, these children perform better in college while remaining less likely to get in trouble with the law. However, the numbers of children that are able to join sports teams can often be very limited when living in a district that is dealing with very little movement room within their budget. The best solution to this problem would be to put together a fundraiser in order to offer these kids more choices when it comes to the sports available to them.

A beef jerky fundraiser is probably something that you did not think would offer you a solution for budgeting problems. However, this is a very inexpensive products that you could use in order to enjoy very high profits. Additionally, this would allow you to make more money in a shorter period of time. Unless you have a great deal of extra time on your hands, you want to consider how you will go about reaching your financial goal during the fundraising event. When you offer beef jerky for sale, you will find that people are willing to purchase the products and move along quickly. When this happens, you will get more traffic interested in the goods, this would help you to throw a successful fundraiser with very little effort.

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Little Anti-Aging Secrets You Should Know Right Now

Two musical greats, Tina Turner and Cher were once guests on the Oprah Winfrey show. When asked what it felt like to age, Turner replied that she loved the wisdom that came with the years. Cher, always refreshingly blunt, answered, “Well, it sucks.” Although aging may not be all that bad – after all, it is part of the natural process of life – it is unwelcome for most people, especially because of the often unpleasant physical signs that come with it, such as the sagging, lines, wrinkles, age spots and dullness. Your trusty anti-aging lotion and moisturizer will work to reduce the effects of time but there are actually a few things you can do on your own that will help you look younger without turning to expensive products and treatments that you can read about at WeightLossPunch.com. I’ll let you in on some of the most basic anti-aging secrets you should know today.

Drink straight from the glass.

Straws are helpful for helping you keep your natural teeth color but they do force your mouth to use a sucking action that is similar to what you do when you inhale from a cigarette. Regular use of straws will overuse the muscles on your face and stretch the skin, leading to the premature appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around your mouth.

Wear your shades.

Not only does sunlight cause premature lines, it can also cause you to squint, causing lines to develop on the sides of your eyes (crow’s feet, anyone?) and on that area between your eyebrows. As an anti-aging step, never leave the house without your sunglasses and always wear a protective face and neck cream with SPF.

Find time to relax.

Stress is the opposite of an anti-aging treatment. It not only raises your risk of developing heart disease, it also increases the rate at which your cells age. Once your cells are damaged, common signs of aging begin to pop up. To keep cells healthy, learn how to cope with stress and find time to relax and recoup. If work is causing your emotional havoc, find ways to improve your productivity, learn to organize and designate to ease your workload.

Go easy on the sugar.

Sugar is sweet but an anti-aging treatment it is not. Sure, it works well in exfoliating the skin but too much of it has negative effects on the body. If the level of your blood sugar is high, glycation occurs. Glycation is a process where molecules of proteins or lipids bond with sugar molecules and cause the malformation and stiffening of protein fibers – the same fibers that make skin plump and youthful-looking. So if you want to keep your looks, go easy on the sugar.